11 oktober 2009

6 oktober 2009


There are a few things that tend to get me really quick and Mumford & Sons possess quite a few in the highest of quality: breath taking harmonies, British accents, a stand up bass player and banjos. I came upon the new video for White Blank Page over at the superb Song By Toad and was excited to see they are finally releasing a full album. Sigh No More comes out on today and they will be doing a few shows in the States in the next few months.

Eels released an album, El Hombre, earlier this year that was front man Mark Oliver Everett's take on love in all its forms. True to their straightforward style the album is a very honest depiction of what, good and bad, love can bring. When this video was released I felt it was most appropriate. And, despite the fact that I am not the biggest Lakshmi fan I still feel compelled to share.


Une nuit avec JR from Narbru on Vimeo.